Monday, February 10, 2014

Last Week's Frugal Accomplishments

Despite being sick last week, and spending most of the week in bed, I did manage to do several things to save money.

First, I treated my cold with lots of water and rest, and good dose of Pinterest. (Why yes, I did pin several new things last week!) Meals were very simple and we had fruit salad twice as a main course, including once for dinner.

We accepted a free girls' bicycle when it was offered to us by someone who had outgrown it.

I planted more seeds in the garden. These are seeds I had leftover from last year.

I cut open a sample tube of facial moisturizer and was able to get enough for another week's worth from it.

I used a sample of conditioner to make 2 bottles of detangler. I had already used it once, so I had three batches all from one sample.

I made a batch of orange cleaner with orange peels and vinegar.

I received a dozen eggs from a friend who has chickens (this was from the service exchange). She said she can give me a dozen each week this month, which is a wonderful blessing.

I cut green onions from the garden.

I carefully dug seedlings in the garden, thinned and transplanted the thinned ones to other places in the garden.

I started some seeds indoors.

My oldest and my husband went to the National Archery Competition this week, where my daughter took second place in the state in the junior high girls' division. She came home with her first trophy--a 30" one!

Two days later they returned to watch the NFAA World Archery Festival, which was free to attend.

What did you do to save money last week?


  1. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well. Meals while I'm sick are always our most interesting...

    Our Frugal Accomplishments:

    I finally ran out of homegrown tomato sauce in the freezer.  So, I cracked open a #10 can from the food storage. Costco has these cans for right around $2.49.  There is no way we can use all that sauce before it goes bad, so I divvied it up into pint and 1/2 pint jars and stashed in the freezer. I have used zip bags in the past, but I like jars much better.  They are fully reusable, easily washed, can quickly be thrown in the microwave if needed, and are sturdy enough not to get holes poked in them and leak all over the counter/fridge/microwave while defrosting.  (Ha! please tell me I’m not the only one that has had this happen…)  You have to leave a 1 inch headspace on the jars for expanding, and they keep for several months in the freezer. The #10 can does about 15 cups worth, so that breaks down to $.17 a cup.  Much better than waiting for the 8 oz. cans to go on sale for $.25.

    Made bread, hamburger buns, 1 lb. white navy beans, and chili for the freezer.

    Sewed a new button on the Husband’s shirt.  One of his new dress shirts came with one purple button.  So weird!  Does anyone know why?  Maybe we are unfashionable, but it had to go.

    Turned off the Heated Dry option on the dishwasher when washing dishes after dinner.  I used to do this all the time, then fell out of practice.  The dishes are plenty dry by morning and it’ll save some electricity.

    Pictures and Links on my blog:

    1. We're going through those #10 cans of tomato sauce in two meals here now :) They are a great way to save money!

    2. How many ounces in a #10 can? Do they still sell them at Sam's?

    3. It's 107 ounces, Arden, and they sell them at Sam's Club. That's how I make my spaghetti sauce.

    4. Do you have a link/recipe to your spaghetti sauce?

    5. Tiff, it's on my website. Here is the link:

    6. I started doing this same thing this past year, and I am using recycled glass jars from when I got free or almost spaghetti sauce in the past, I will still use store bought sauce when I can get it free or really close, We have a smaller family of 5, we go threw a #10 can a month occasional I'll open two in one month, but on average it is one a month, I just move the frozen far to the fridge or counter

  2. I started keeping a price book again (which I shared on my blog here:

    I made some homemade detergent.

    I made some homemade surface cleaner (thanks for the tip of adding orange peels to the vinegar!)

    I bought a Thermos with a giftcard so I don't spend $5 per week on coffee at work anymore.

    I made my own Valentine's Cards with materials I already had.

    I baked banana muffins with overripe bananas from the freezer.

    I made a list of items that I am going to look for in thrift stores and yard sales.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Congratulations to Winter!

  4. I hope you are feeling better! Not much new last week.
    I had several large bills to pay so there was no spending other than what was necessary.
    Ate all meals at home and took all my food to work. Drank water and free coffee at work.
    Downloaded several free books to my kindle.
    Washed and reused plastic baggies.
    Made yogurt in my crockpot then strained and saved the whey. I also made chocolate pudding from scratch, used previously made and frozen breads. Ate from the pantry and freezers.
    I had to go to the store yesterday due to being out of several necessities and spent $60,i still have $10 left in the grocery budget this week.
    Washed all clothes in full loads and hung to dry
    I have chili in the crockpot now made from dried beans and spices already on hand. I did not use any meat.
    I printed some Valentines stuff for my husband for free
    Not frugal- I have to have two surgical procedures done over the coming weeks so I will have a large bill added to the one I am already paying off. We are using our tax refund for necessary dental surgery for my husband and car repairs.
    I hope everyone has a great week! Come on spring!

    1. "Not frugal- I have to have two surgical procedures done over the coming weeks". I disagree with you about calling that not frugal. Not taking care of yourself is not frugal. Taking care of yourself is good and right and prudent even when it's expensive. I hope your procedures go well!

    2. Thank you Sheila! They are things I have put off for awhile that need to be done now. Thank you for the reminder :)

  5. We finally finished fixing the garden shed. I painted the floor with some leftover gray paint I had from painting the bathroom. I’m not sure how long it will hold up since it is interior paint, but it does look very nice right now and will make it easier to sweep out - much better the OSB we used to fix the floor.

    We (meaning my SO did all the heavy work while I pointed out where to dig the holes) planted 2 miniature apple trees, a semi-dwarf 4-in-1 low-chill pear, a semi-dwarf nectarine and a miniature peach. We did that early in the week and by the end of the week they already had flower buds and leaves popping out!

    We returned some things to Home Depot that we over bought and put the credit toward more garden soil and a few bags of mulch to get us thru until we get on a list for a free load of mulch.

    I stopped in at Publix just to get a few of the BOGO deals and stacked coupons. The best deals were 2 boxes of Cheerios totally free and for $3.75 I got 2 boxes of Gorton fish filets, a bag of Alexia rolls and a bag of sweet potato fries. I also got 2 boxes of Boca mushroom mozzarella “burgers” and 2 boxes of Life cereal. Total for EVERYTHING was only $10.64. This was our off week on the CSA also. So that is all we spent on groceries. Everything else we ate from the pantry and freezer.

    SO got a letter from his employer. At the next open enrollment, benefits are decreasing but of course costs are going up though. I’m beginning to wonder if the economy will ever get better?! ? Or if it does get better will it trickle down to us?

    I had some food waste this week –I had chopped cucumbers to make cucumber salad but then I got the yucky stomach going around and didn’t eat for 2 days, and by then the cucumber was mush so it went into the compost bin. When I cleaned out the freezer, I also had to throw out a few bits of odds n ends that were freezer burnt and not labeled and I had no idea what they were.

    I didn’t work any overtime last week. I try to work 10 hours over time every week, and tell myself that if the over time isn’t available to enjoy the “time off” and get other things done – but still I fret about it when I can’t work over time. Since my pay cut, my regular earnings goes towards bills and the over time goes towards “extras” like food, gas, the house and garden fund, savings and extra debt repayment. I still try to be grateful though for at least having money to pay bills and re-reading Brandy’s essay “Encouragement - Lifting Yourself up on the Difficult Days” always cheers me up – as does coming to the wonderful community here.

    I did use the “time off” to get a few things done around the house, I touched up the paint where we took down the valances over the blinds, organized the freezer, pulled a few things into the house freezer to use up soon, organized a big box of extension cords and cables. I washed all our garden gloves and mended some seams on mine that were wearing through. I had a bra that the underwire had broken and replaced it with another underwire I had saved that I pulled out of a bra that I threw away a while ago. I made 2 loaves of pear bread from some pears that were overripe. Plus I took it easy the 2 days I had the yucky stomach.

    Have a great frugal week ladies!

    1. Mmmm...pear bread...any recipe to share please.
      Many thanks from Alexa

    2. Hello! I make the pear bread from "Pear Bread II" except I omit the pecans, cinnamon and nutmeg and double the amount of vanilla. We like the pear/vanilla flavor. I make a lot of other breads with cinnamon, nutmeg, spices so leaving it out of this recipe makes it a little something different.

  6. I cleaned out my closets and sold some items on ebay to pay off some bills.

    I made valentine cards from yarn I already had, and some blank card stock that someone gave me (I crocheted the yarn into hearts and attached them to the card).

    We stayed home during the week, except for a trip on Sunday to visit family and check out some thrift stores. I found a corkboard for 95 cents, which I am going to use for a project.

    I've been doing a lot on swagbucks to earn Amazon giftcards, to pay for my cat's food.

    We made split pea soup with ham. I cooked the ham last week, but it was way too salty. I put it in the freezer and added a small amount to the soup, which seemed to "take out" the saltiness from the ham.

    I made broth from the ham bone and another pot of broth from some chicken bones.

    Last night I made pineapple carrot bread. The pineapple was bought for 98 cents a few months ago and frozen. Carrots were on sale for 49 cents a lb. It's more cake-like than bread-like, but it came out really good!

    1. I am curious about your too salty ham. If putting in the soup seemed to offset that saltiness you might try boiling the ham (even though it's cooked already) and draw out more of the ham. My granny used to do that. She taught me to always remove every bit of the thick skin on the outside of a ham and trim away some of the fat which decreases the saltiness when baked.

  7. Congratulations to your daughter, that is terrific. I'm still carefully monitoring my grocery budget to make the most of sales, coupons and generic items. Have a great week. Heather

  8. I made pizzas for Super Bowl Sunday, used my facial cream down to the very....last....drop. Made wonderful sweet rolls that called for a box of instant vanilla pudding to flavor the dough; I used an ancient box I found in the cupboard and they were the best I have ever baked. Glad you are feeling better and that you took care of yourself!

  9. I used a coupon for an oil & filter change at the dealership for $9.95, which is less than the cost of the oil & oil filter. They had a plate of cookies & a basket of fruit for the patrons, so I chose a pear & brought it home. In the parking lot by the car, there was a penny on the ground, so I picked it up to add to the recycle fund.

    Stopped at DI on the way home. Found a large metal star, 19.5” tip to tip, with a snowman painted on it, for $2. It is now gloss black, ready for the guest bedroom wall. I also found 5 American Girls books.

    Removed labels from & rinsed out all cans to be recycled. I do this all the time, but never remember to mention it. Removed labels from two glass jars to reuse in the pantry. Added shelf space to our cubby pantry using 4 buckets & 2 boards. While straightening in the cubby, looking for any buckets of 30-year old non-instant dry milk, I found we had far more brown sugar than I had thought. Now I can access all areas of the cubby pantry easily & know exactly what is down there. I also have several small buckets of really old milk. Ten years ago when we were in an apt, looking for this house, I opened one. It was rancid, & had hardened into a brick. I opened a 2nd one, & found the same thing. I threw those 2 away, but kept the others since spoiled milk makes a decent fertilizer. This year, I decided to use that fertilizer & then have the pantry space for other things.

    Stocked up on toilet paper & Gatorade powder while both were on sale. I have tried the home made version, but it does not work as well for my husband with his gastric issues.

    Made GF muffins & added the spent cranberries I strained out of 2 quarts of cranberry juice.
    *Took down & put away our snowflakes & our silver & white garland that are the January birthday decorations. Put up our red & white garland & heart décor for Valentine’s Day.

    For entertainment, I watched “Lark Rise to Candleford” & “Downton Abbey” on PBS. I also went to a craft night at the church, where I worked on an apron for our youngest granddaughter, made from 2 of 4 blue print valance curtains I bought for 50 cents at a yard sale.

    Found an idea on Monday Metamorphosis, where the poster expanded her pantry closet by adding small side shelves in the unused side spaces on either side of the door. Showed it to my husband. We can change the idea a bit, using cleats on the wall & wooden boards, to use it to expand our storage space. This space is only 7 ½ inches wide, but on one side, it is deep enough to hold tall items that will not fit on the other shelves. The other side is shallow, but would still be able to hold items like boxes of canning inserts, or gelatin, so it would still be useful. We already have wood & screws.

    Hung laundry to dry on the rack inside. Received a $3 check from Pinecone Research.

    Filled the car with gas on Wednesday using the Chevron card at the Chevron station for the discount, & the free car wash coupon, worth $8. Stopped at the University Mall Starbucks on the way home for grounds, then stopped at my local Starbucks, & asked for grounds. The manager told me they don’t start saving grounds until around April, but I could have those they had right now: 2 drip pots’ worth. We talked while he put it in a bag, & I thanked him several times, then said on how interesting it was that each store saves the grounds differently. In Orem, they always have a huge bag (his wife works at the Orem store), & in Logan they fill an empty 10 pound recycled sack from the coffee beans, & put a “grounds for gardeners” sticker on it. In Seattle, the Starbucks close to the university puts out 5 pound bags (reused) filled with grounds in a basket, so people can just come in & get them without “bothering” the baristas…. & the manager said that’s what this store would be doing in the spring. So we shall see; perhaps I can get my grounds more often come spring.

    1. Oh, I wished I'd known about bad powdered milk being a good fertilizer. I was given several #10 cans by an older lady downsizing her home. Two were older than I am, so I tossed them. The rest were fine. Sure wish I would have kept them. My dirt could use all the help it can get.

  10. Did the usual frugal things, such as washing and reusing plastic bags and so on. But I had two big scores: a neighbor who was moving had bags and bags of apples they'd brought home from a U-pick place and never used. Some of the apples were rotten, but 90% were good, if soft. So, my husband and I watched the Olympics and peeled and cored and chopped. Then I processed. We ended up with 31 quarts of apple sauce, plus seven large freezer containers full. My second score was two frozen turkey breasts, huge ones, traded for 10 of the jars of apple sauce! I had told a neighbor about our good fortune and she said she'd been given turkey breasts by her MIL, which she doesn't like (turkey, she likes the MIL), but loved apple sauce and wanted to trade each for five quarts of sauce. This month we are low on money for food, due to medical expenses, so this is really, really a God send.

  11. I used my Ruelala credits to get a free pair of shoes. Sadly they don't fit well so I will send them back (for free) and will just use the credits again later.

    I finally upgraded my Blackberry to an iPhone. The iPhone 4 was free, the 5 was $200. Obviously I chose the 4 and so far, so good. The service fees were only about $5 more too. So for almost nothing, I get SOOO much more service. Kicking myself for not doing this much sooner.

    I signed up for my garden the same night our last big snow storm came to town. Oh the irony. But for the $30/year fee to have a community garden plot, you get all the free seeds you want. I took too many though and will return some for others to use. It's a seriously awesome program though!!

    I cooked from my pantry and freezer!

    I meal planned.

    I made a baked oatmeal dish for the Ronald McDonald house where I volunteered on Sunday. I already had everything necessary at home so no extra expense.

    I made clam chowdah that fed me for most of the week. The perfect snow storm food!

    I got free tissues, 8 tubes of toothpaste and bags of rice for $0.04/each. I also got 2 free purse-size hand lotions (I use them a lot in winter).

    I got four big tubs of guacamole the prior week. While I much prefer homemade, free is my favorite flavor. :) I ate it all week for lunch with corn chips and crackers.

    I froze a few things about to go bad like bananas.

    I check the fancy cheese section of my grocery store every time I am there. About 30% of the time, they have a little basket in the corner with cheese about to expire. And they sell it for $0.99. Most are originally priced at $6.99-9.99. I brought home three cheeses that originally totaled $25 but I paid just $0.99/each. Cheese freezes great. And a little goat cheese in a pan of eggs takes a boring dinner up a big notch!

    I held my sweet friend's sweet 2 day old baby. It cost me nothing but brought me so much joy!

    KK @

    1. 100% agreed that a bit of goat cheese really amps up plain old scrambled eggs. I'm so glad to know someone else does the same, lol, others have just looked at me like I had two heads when I mentioned how nice it was.

  12. Congratulations to Winter!!! That is truly outstanding! Second place!(If I remember correctly she has not been doing Archery all that long)Truly outstanding!!!
    Frugal Accomplishments by me. I used coupons and save over $20.00 We went for a long outing on Saturday and I packed snacks saved at least $12.00 I washed the car (save $6.00) I used a very old lint brush on the interior and it helped the car look new. (This saved going to the car vac savings $2.00) I made orange muffins (I tried to cut corners and used Bread flour so these were not as good as with the all purpose flour) I did finally successfully make bread! Now I have to make more! The Bread Flour makes all the difference (also I had to get another recipe as I believe the one on your site skips a step) and there was no info on what temp for the oven. I made a whole chicken and a roast last week along with a pot of soup. This week I got Pork chops on sale $1.59lb and they are boneless! I was given a light bulb for my china hutch from a friend (savings $5.00)I gifted five boxes of items to others four went to the boyscouts. I wish I could give some items to the ladies on here/ I know my things would be enjoyed.
    I accepted a loaf of raisin bread and I bough four dozen eggs at .99 per dozen (I had to use a discount to get them that cheap this time)Any suggestions for a good toy for a boy turning four. I need a gift.

    1. I'm glad you were able to make bread.

      I double checked my recipe, as many people have made it successfully before. There are no skipped steps and the temperature is listed (400º. The part about the temperature is further down in the directions--not up top--because you don't turn on the oven until the last rise). But I'm glad you found one that worked for you and didn't give up trying even when it wasn't working for you!

      For a 4-year boy, check out my Gifts for Boys Pinterest board:

      Also check out these paper toys I have listed in the Frugal Gifts section of my website:

    2. Bread flour is very expensive here, but Vital Wheat Gluten is not. I add the vital wheat gluten to the all purpose flour to make bread flour. Exact measurements on are on the container. It saves me a lot of money doing it that way.

    3. I prefer unbleached flour . My son checked Costco and husband checked several Sam's while travelling and the bread flour is bleached. I will have to stick with my unbleached all purpose and vital wheat gluten. I have done that for years, though harder to find the gluten now. My regular grocer stopped carrying it awhile ago because to quote the stockboy "no one wants gluten anymore".

  13. Hope you are feeling better! My frugal accomplishments this week are:

    Made menu plan mostly from items in pantry and freezer.

    Made homemade banana bread (one for now and one for the freezer) using bananas I've had in my freezer for awhile, whole wheat carrot applesauce muffins, pasta e fagioli soup, knock-off red lobster biscuits, mojo marinade for chicken, granola, trail mix, and made a spiral sliced ham I got marked down at 0.99/#. Also got a second ham for the freezer.

    I cooked dried pinto beans for the first time. Soaked them overnight, rinsed, then boiled for about one hour. Came out great. I used a huge pot and got 24 cups of cooked beans. I packaged them into 2 cup portions and put them in the freezer.

    Ate leftovers and didn't have much food waste.

    Brought lunch to work and got a free lunch at work one day.

    Tried the homemade deodorant I made last week, and it actually works just as good, if not better than the expensive kind I've been buying online!

    Mended and fixed buttons on 2 separate items of clothing. Also mended one of my daughter's toys.

    Planned out our yard for this year's garden and marked a calendar for seeding/transplanting times. Last time we tried a garden we just planted a bunch of random stuff and didn't do so well.

    We had one day that it warmed up a little, so I turned the heater off when I went outside to play with my daughter. I forgot to turn it back on until the following afternoon when I began to wonder why the house was so cold! I guess this may help our electric bill a little.

    I had to work out of town for 3 days in a row. I included in my meal plan 3 easy and quick meals for my husband to make while I was gone so that he didn't get takeout. I'm glad to be home now and looking forward to another week of frugal accomplishments.

  14. Many congratulations to your daughter and husband - how exciting!!!!
    I hope you are feeling much better now. Rest is such a big deal in getting well, but we mamas don't always get that time. So glad you were able to. :)
    I blogged my frugal bits here:

  15. Sorry you were sick Mrs. Brandy. Unfortunately, we were/are a sick house too. I had to miss three days of work because I work with the public, and I don't want to get anyone sick. I do not get paid time off. The husband does get paid sick days and he took 1 1/2 days off. We are still sick... Hoping to get better by this weekend

    Our Frugal Accomplishments:
    -We only ate out once even though I DIDNOT feel like cooking. It was Thai food. YUMM
    -I made chicken noodle, pizzas, fried pork chops, and several other things strictly out of the pantry/freezer. We did not go grocery shopping
    -We received our tax refund (quickly I might add) and used it to pay down student loans <$8000 left!
    -We started our citrus peel/vinegar infusion. I haven't had a chance to use it yet due to sickness.
    -A customer bought a large amount of citrus fruit and offered me as much as I wanted. I gladly accepted 5lbs of oranges and 2 lbs. of lemons & limes
    -Sold one book on

    NOT-so-frugal Accomplishments:
    -Had to buy a humidifier as my one I had owned for 7 years broke. Apparently they run about $60 for a brand that I paid $30 for way back. I consider it a necessity in my home.

    Frugal Goals:
    -Mend those dang towels. Hopefully if I'm feeling better this weekend it will be done. Try out my new citrus/vinegar cleaner. Try to pick up a shift at work to make up for the ones missed. Go to a potluck V-day dinner. Go thrifting to find a new purse (I'm looking for one in bone/ivory)

  16. Sorry you were under the weather; hope you are recovering quickly and congrats on the archery. Here are my frugal accomplishments:
    A friend paid for lunch.
    I bought 4 packs of 18 count toilet paper on sale at CVS with manufacture and store coupons.
    We inoculated 10 logs! That is the most we have done in a day. We needed that number since we had not done it in three weeks. I got busy, and the cold weather did not help.
    A friend had a birthday, and I gave her an inoculated mushroom log as a gift. I knew she would appreciate it but what was funny was after I had decided to give it to her as a gift; I saw on Facebook that she wanted one. She loved it and was very excited.
    I also did not eat at her brunch breakfast bash at a restaurant. I have been having headaches for the last couple of days, so I decided to stick to water and other liquids. DH ate, so it was about half the savings.
    A friend of ours is moving and she let us have her rugs. We will keep it in storage, and then pull it out when my husband starts teaching yoga at home.
    We got some wood from up the street for the fireplace; my husband cut it with our chainsaw.
    We also got a good bit of firewood that was already chopped from the same friend who is moving; it was a money and time saver
    Got birthday cards from the dollar store
    I packed a lunch every day except when I got free lunch
    I have been accumulating swagbucks; I do it while I read or do my French reading homework. I have over 1000, and I am trying to get the $25 PayPal cash.
    I got two swagbucks referrals.
    I had an appointment with the optometrist, I get insurance through the school, and it does not cover eye stuff, so I had to pay out of pocket but I did get two sample packs of Biotrue solution.
    I started on my taxes, I am hoping for a good amount of money back to go towards a credit card and to pay for upcoming conference fees, a business registration expense, and more mushrooms.
    I received a check from my school for the 12.50 I was charged by the bank for a cancelled check.
    Used to research high interest saving accounts, will use one for an emergency fund saving account
    I realized that we were being charged by our storage company a dollar for mailing us the bill. It is so ridiculous the different ways companies get money out of you. Anyway, I called them and asked them to not send a bill since I always pay over the phone.
    I also called my cable company and got a promotion that reduces the bills a few dollars. Thanks to all that I have learned from this website and others, I have been doing a better job at tracking every dollar that goes out. It is not much, but I know it all adds up to a big difference.
    We picked kale from our garden. This was our first harvest. We have not been as productive as we were in the spring and fall.
    I recently learned about the Amazon credit card cash back, so I used my Amazon card to pay the bills I could pay with credit card. It is not a large amount but whatever that adds up to by the end of the year, it will go to fund our emergency saving fund.
    I listened to Suze Orman for free on iTunes.
    Used baking soda as deodorant.
    Used baking soda for toothpaste.
    Remembered to use the printer at school to print.
    Got free magazines in the mail.
    We have not turned on the heat; we are still using the fireplace.

  17. I don't have too much to report this week, but I do have a few items:
    -Saturday night was the night that my husband and I used our free night at a hotel (I won it in a drawing) and had free dinner using a gift certificate. When we checked into the hotel, I asked if there were any upgrades available due to my status as a Marriott Gold member. We got upgraded to a cityview king suite and got certificates for free room service breakfast, including gratuity!
    -my son managed to wear through the knee on one of his Iron Knee jeans from Lands End, so I called them and they sent us a replacement with free 2 day shipping.
    -we went to Costco and stocked up on flour, sugar, baking soda, vinegar, and canned mandarin oranges. For some reason, Costco doesn't sell dried beans...does anyone know why that is?
    -I made my son a new toy from our craft book. It's a knitted cat. He loves it!
    -We had a huge snowstorm last week, and my employer paid nonessential staff to stay home. My husband worked remotely, and we saved 2 days' worth of gas.

    1. I think it may vary from location to location. My Costco sells dried pinto beans in two different size bags, but no other dried beans. I usually buy my dried black and red beans at Winco.

    2. I think Susan is right about availability varying by location. My Costco sells dried pinto, black beans and lentils. Not sure where you live but you may want to try your local ethnic grocer. I find they have better deals on dried beans, rice etc. than many other grocers .

  18. We have had a quiet week at home. My husband was sick, and then it snowed. Most of you would laugh, but when it snows a bunch here, the world comes to a halt. So, once we got the kids home from Spanish classes Thursday, no one left the property until today, Monday. For us, that's the longest we have all stayed home for a VERY long time.

    So, we saved money on gas. We ate from the freezer. We kept the woodstove going all day and night, and did not have to turn on the freezer. We hope that helps the electric bill. The savings will be a trade-off, though. We had to burn quite a few pellets in the shop so it would not freeze. Last time, we had pipes break in there and it cost quite a bit in repairs. Also, we had to keep a small heater going in the greenhouse so the new little seeds I had just planted wouldn't die right away.

    I planted more seeds. Once the weather moderates, I turn the heater way down, so they grow VERY slowly--but I always get good plants if I give it enough time. I planted some pots of spinich, lettuce and boc choi to see if I can get some greens earlier.

    I was able to get 3 doctor appts/tests done on Thursday. I had been told that although the 2 tests were done by the same person, there was only time on two different days, but to keep asking to see if something would open up. So, I called twice, only to be told "no openings." But, when I asked for the 3rd time (while checking in), they said if I came back in 2 hours, they could do the 2nd test. I felt silly asking again, but it ended up being worth it. So, I went and did my doctor in the middle, while waiting, and got it all done in one day. Anytime I can consolidate, it saves me quite a bit, since I live 30 minutes from town and drive a 15 passenger van.

    I cooked a ton during our "snow vacation." I ended up by making a soup with all the odds and ends in the refrigerator. I added some peppers from the freezer that really, really needed to be used. We called it fajita soup. It was good. I made gluten free bread and muffins. I used a lot of home-canned and frozen items.

    I finished a skirt I have been working on for my youngest daughter for a while. I started a nightgown for my granddaughter. I crocheted another dishcloth. I started catching the crud everyone has right now, and rested and drank a lot of tea yesterday. Today, I felt a little yucky, but I think I'm not going to get it. That will save me a lot because I will be able to work this week. I was able to do most of my scheduled lessons today, and rescheduled all but 2 that cancelled out this morning. (The worst of the bad weather is about over, but this morning there was still freezing rain in places.)

    We have been spending only $15-$20 per week on groceries this month, so I can stock up at the end of the month with the extra money I save. Tomorrow, my husband will buy the 2nd week's installment. I have planned 4-H cooking in there, too--6 recipies that will be mosty made from items I've colllected over the last month.

    I was able to save more money towards summer, when I don't work much (for money).

    Congratulations on your daughter's archery accomplishments. It is so good for a child to feel like they are good at something, whatever that thing may be. How wonderful that you have found one of Winter's "somethings." I'm sorry you had to be sick during the big tournament. I'm sure that was disappointing. I hope by taking care of yourself, you will recover quickly, though. have a good week.

  19. Received $55 in rebate gift cards, ~$30 from Nutro Dog Food rebate, $3 pine cone research loaded on my debit card, and a gift card to a restaurant on our vacation we went this past weekend.

    I have a very well stocked gift closet now thanks to thrift store and clearance racks. Also received some belated Christmas gifts, some of which my daughter will not use or are duplicates. One will be a regift for another little girl's birthday party this week. I hope I'm not the only one that does this! I also included a $1 coloring book and a new box of crayons (bought during Back to School).

    One of the Christmas gifts given were a tin of chocolate covered pretzels, all individually wrapped. I was planning on buying some treats for Valentine's cards but decided I'd use these instead. They are shaped like a heart. The Valentine's cards are already bought from 90% clearance last year. Maybe cost me 25 cents for the box.

    Didn't go grocery shopping this past week. Using up pantry items until Valentine's Day.

    Sold some shoes which were given to us for $45 on ebay.

    Received free magazines, free lotion, coffee and tea samples, and jeans for my daughter for next year. Paid $6 for the jeans.

    Went to a random yard sale while thrifting last weekend. We came right before closing time and it was $2/bag. I was able to get two shirts for myself, 10 Yankee candle wax tarts for my scentsy, cheese grater for my Fels Naptha that I use for homemade laundry detergent, brand new bead crafts for gifts, easter basket, easter decoration with tags still attached, easter eggs, easter grass, and a stuffed animal for my daughter. There may have been a thing or two more but I can't remember.

    We went out of town and went to Dollar Tree to stock up on some things like toothbrushes, cotton balls, gifts for upcoming holidays/birthdays, etc... We don't have hardly any stores where I live.

    1. Still cold here. Will be -20F overnight. Been enjoying the Winter Olympics every night. The NBC is one of the few channels that come in with the antenna. Husband left Thursday for business trip...he is actually in Las Vegas right now. He flew a couple out there and he has all his time free until they are ready to go again. They rented a car and said he could use it while they were at their meetings. Pretty much they have not wanted it at all as they are all just meeting to dinner to show to hotel each day, all In one place. He camps at night, sleeping in back of the SUV. He packed his little cook stove too. They leave tomorrow for New Mexico.

      Normally when he is gone youngest and I don't cook full meals, just graze, eat oatmeal etc. But we have his disabled brother back with us for a few months. He came up from.Iowa with the sister when we had the birthday last week. So.i have done just a little of my usual cooking from.scratch. he really likes soup and sandwiches , even twice a day, so every day I thaw out a different quart of soup from the freezer. We have also had Campbell's tomato. I made two loaves of white bread, two loaves of orange-black walnut bread, chocolate pudding, peanut butter cookies, hot chocolate, macaroni and cheese.

      Did more driving than usual as drove my mother to airport so she could go to Florida for two.weeks and visit her sister and family. Also logistics of juggling brother in law as he can't be left alone. Normally would be spending day time hours with my husband, now myself and two daughters are dividing it up. But he's such a happy guy and a joy to have around, so not complaining. He really liked the trip to the airport.

  20. Last Fall, when we dug our sweet potatoes from the garden, lo and behold, mice had gotten into them and chewed big holes in many of them. They keep amazingly well in spite of that, but those areas do deteriorate over time. I don't want them to go to waste so I boiled the damaged ones, peeled and mashed them, and dehydrated them by breaking into pieces, then into the food processor, and lastly the blender to powder them. They will keep a Long Time in this condition, and all I have to do is add 1 part powder to 4 parts boiling water and let them reconstitute. Very convenient to use. They may also be easily added to breads and rolls, etc..

  21. Well- I'd say kudos to your family for happily eating fruit salad for dinner! That is impressive!

    I made the foolish mistake to challenge myself to a Buy-Nothing-But-Dairy grocery challenge in February. I was figuring February is the shortest month and it will give me a chance to clean out my pantry/freezers/canning shelves to prepare for the next years' harvest. I did not, however, think about the fact that it is winter so I am not growing fresh produce and my chickens are not laying very well! (DUH.) Needless to say, it is going to be more challenging than I thought! :-)

    But I do love a good self-inflicted kitchen challenge.

    Here are some things I did this week to save money:

    Most notable: making soap, toothpaste, beef jerky (these are all things I have been MEANING to do for quite some time) and doing our taxes myself and posting a wedding dress on EBAY (these are both things I NEEDED to do but tried to avoid.)

    Hope you are on the mend, and ESPECIALLY, that your sickness doesn't spread throughout the house. That's the thing with larger families- sickness takes a lot longer to leave because it makes the rounds. May it not be so with you all! ;-)

    1. I went to your blog - the soap you made is just GORGEOUS! Homemade soap is such a treat - enjoy!

    2. Rebecca does make beautiful soaps, and many other beautiful handcrafted things. I am always impressed by what she does in her home.

  22. So glad to hear about Winter. I knew by the way she held that bow that she could do it.
    Nothing much new to report here except some Winter Gardening (we live in Michigan) You can read my post here.
    So good to read the comments -I learn so much. On to the pinterest board for boy gifts.
    Glad you are feeling better!

  23. This past week wasn't too eventful. My husband and I are in the process of revising our monthly budget and are adjusting as needed to allow for our higher mortgage payment (it will have an earlier payoff). I've also opened a few specific savings accounts for things such as heating and property taxes. I still plan to open one for a vacation fund. I used a $5 off $20 coupon with a $20 gift card I had to a pet store to get (actually my husband did the shopping) some really great quality dog food for nothing out of pocket. The gift card was given to me for having to wait too long for help one time. I got some nice markdowns at a nearby store--Brussels sprouts and organic Russet potatoes (potatoes have been more expensive this year, so I try to get them this way; they were $1 for 5 LB). I found that a nearby market where I typically pick up some loss leaders marks down bread products to 90% off on Mondays, so I got some English muffins for toasting. Finally, our electric bill was the highest of the year this past month (this is typical), but I've been making an extra effort (and enlisting other family members to do the same) to see if we can reduce that a bit for the current month by making some little changes.

  24. Did my annual trip to an event at which I play music for medieval dance. There is no cost to the band to attend, and they feed us a generous lunch and dinner, and also some fantastic homemade fudge! I used points for the hotel room, so no cost there, and breakfast is included. I packed snacks for the road. Two friends traveled with me and gave me money toward gas and tolls, so the weekend away cost me almost nothing - and it was a welcome break. Used the cruise control on the car to help keep my lead foot from destroying our gas mileage after I saw how dreadful it was on the first leg of the trip - it made a significant difference!

    The evening I came home, friends came for dinner and insisted on buying, so we had lovely Indian food from our favorite takeout place, with enough left over for lunch for my husband and dinner for me the next day. I made a "cake-pan" cake from ingredients on hand (no milk, butter, or eggs in the recipe, but you'd never know it), and shared the fudge.

    After the ice storm here, some friends of ours were without power for three nights. They stayed with us, and brought along the contents of their fridge, so there was no net added expense for food. The husband of the couple took all of the kids bowling, bless him.

    Baked bread, cooked from the pantry and freezer, packed lunches. Made whole wheat banana-chocolate-chip mini muffins from some overlooked bananas (kids love them for breakfast). I had topped up on a few groceries in anticipation of last week's weather and we're still in good shape. Looking at another big storm Wednesday night through Thursday, and we could manage now even if we didn't shop - but I will still pick up eggs and produce tonight before the insanity sets in. I anticipate being home for a couple of days - we'll keep the thermostat low and light a fire to keep the downstairs warm. My husband brought buckets of snow melt home from work, so we don't need to worry about that.

    All in the path of the latest winter weather, stay warm and safe!

  25. I hope you feel better soon. My daughter caught a stomach bug and was sick on Sunday and Monday but so far it looks like the rest of us will miss it.

    I made and froze for later banana bread, french bread, chocolate chocolate chip muffins, cinnamon rolls and pizza pockets. I cooked at home for almost every meal and made all of my lunches for work. I made more lunches for my husband, which is a huge improvement for him.

    I bought chicken breasts at Sams - we were out of almost all meat and they are the best price when I cannot wait for a sale. Then I processed and froze them into smaller portions. I used two coupons to buy uniform pants for my son which made them 6.00 apiece including shipping to the store and taxes. I listed my very fist item on ebay.

    We have been trying to remember to turn the lights off more. We are also trying to keep the heat lower but we had another snow storm and low temps and I find it hard to lower the heat.

  26. Another week of frugal accomplishments! It has become the highlight of my week seeing what everyone is doing and gather new ideas to boot!

    I'm sorry to hear you were not feeling well. I also had a "down" day, but it happened to be Sunday and I try to have everything done before then anyway. It was a good day to rest and my husband took care of the kiddos and any household things that came up.

    This week I did much better staying ahead of the dishes and washed most by hand. I think we only ran the dishwasher two times and I know one of those times was when I was not well. I noticed that I am running low on dishwasher soap so I decided to try making my own dishwasher tabs from a recipe I found online. I am hoping they work well, but I also am hoping I won't find out for a while---ha!
    I tried something new the other day. I took a bath instead of a shower. I didn't make note of how much water I used, but it just seemed like I used less by bathing rather than showering. It was the day I wasn't feeling well and a bath just sounded good to me, but I may incorporate it more if it seems like I'm using less water. It's hard to tell because I try to turn the shower off until it's time to rinse and I like being able to catch the warm-up water for the plants. With a bath, there isn't any wasted water waiting for the water to warm up, but it all ends up going down the drain since it's full of soap…something to ponder, I guess!
    I am looking forward to seeing our water bill next month to see if any of these changes will bring it down. The good news on that front is that from last month to this month our water bill stayed exactly the same! At least it didn't go up, but next month I'm hoping to see a reduction.

    Another thing I did to save money was I made my own Soft Scrub. I have been making this for a while, but I was running out. I love it!

    Made all meals from scratch incorporating a turkey I roasted into most of the dinners for the week. I also made broth from the drippings and carcass using my crockpot. When I strained the broth, I used some of the "less attractive" pieces of meat as a treat for the cats so I didn't have to buy cat food. Today will start a new week of meals using a ham I purchased over the holidays.

    Found some great deals on produce including some big bags of produce that the store had marked down to .99 for quick sale. I think these bags must have been 10 pounds or more! One bag had mostly apples in it along with a few citrus pieces (some key limes and lemons). I peeled the apples and made a huge batch of applesauce with them. The other bag had white onions so I cut the bad spots off and sliced them up for caramelized onions. I set those out back in the crockpot and let them go the entire day. There were so many onions in the bag that I couldn't caramelize the entire batch, but I peeled them and saved them in a bag in the crisper to use in recipes (soon!). Also got a ton of bananas which are gone already…The good news on the grocery front is I only bought 2 more gallons of milk this week. I took Marivene's advice and added 2 cups of water to one of the gallons of milk I had just opened. You were right! No one noticed! I can't believe we've only bought 6 gallons of milk in a 10-day period and it looks like these last two gallons we bought will get us through the week. Even though I spent all the money I had allocated for groceries in one day and have had to spend a little here and there this past week, I don't think I'll have to reduce the spending for the next two weeks by much. We might come in under $250 after all! I also received more citrus from friends…grapefruit, lemons and tangerines. Plan to make lemon bars with the lemons as well as more lemon-infused vinegar cleaner for the shower. Used some of the lemon juice for the dishwasher tabs, too.

    I guess that's about it! Hope everyone has a great week! God Bless, Andrea

  27. Ever had one of those "aha" moments where you realize something you have been doing forever is totally wrong. I am blaming this on growing up in a city rather than being a farm girl. A while back we were on a trip with another couple and had shared a rotisserie chicken. I had picked the carcass clean ( I thought) and was ready to put it in a pot to make broth for soup the next day. The wife ( farm kid) took it from me and proceeded to get another half a cup of tiny chicken bits from it. I made the broth as usual and strained it. She picked through the bones and managed to get an additional 1/4 cup of even tinier bits from it. Lesson learned! The amount I would have thrown away was enough to make a pot of chicken and rice soup!
    I had never thought of the cost to the farmer just to raise that chicken for our dinner. Since that day I have been diligent about protein waste. It seems there is just about always one more use for things.

  28. Last week I got many good deals---free guacamole, colgate, pet food, and shaving foam

    Plus, a huge Walgreens shop of 53 items that I paid only $4.00!

  29. Frugal doings :)

    * made a new recipe of white bean chicken chili... really good, my whole family enjoyed and I think it would freeze well
    * was gifted a dozen eggs
    * my daughter has a nasty cold, found throat drops and some cough syrup we already had on hand
    * saved .40 per gallon on gas with my grocery card rewards
    * boiled a dozen eggs for egg salad
    * was able to do some carpooling with other parents
    * made homemade pizza

  30. Congratulations to your daughter! That is amazing! I'm so sorry you weren't feeling well, but I'm impressed as always with how you handled it.

  31. Brandy Thanks for letting me know about the bread. I guess my eyes were playing tricks when I used your recipe when i went back I see my mistake. I am going to make bread again this week. Thank you for all that you do!

  32. Here is one thing I found shocking today. I always run my errands a certain route to maximize my gas and time. Today I went out of my way to hit the gas station first (I don't even know why I did) From the time I filled up until the time I passed again later (about 1.5 hours the gas went from $3.19 per gallon to $3.26 per gallon!)

  33. I accepted a gift of shades for our windows---am hoping to shave off our A/C bill this summer by using these. Also accepted an empty large pickle jar, 2 pyrex lids that fits some of my bowls, and potholders.

    For some reason, it seems like we've had lots of "small" leftovers---a bowl of red beans and rice, a few bites of chicken, one breakfast sausage. I've been putting everything in the freezer and realized as I organized my freezer today that I have several nice lunches, bases for meals, etc. Just another reminder to me that the little things do indeed make a difference.

    I emptied out a lotion bottle that "appeared" empty---2-3 weeks more in that bottle. Got another week's worth of facial cleanser this way as well!

    Purchased sparkling cider as special treats for my kiddos on Valentines and their birthdays....I was excited as I basically purchase enough for Valentines and 3 birthdays for what I would have paid for one bottle!
    pickle jar, pyrex covers--2

  34. Question: I purchased pasta on sale last year and have stored it unopened in my kitchen pantry. Went to use some the other day and it had bugs in it! Now I'm afraid to purchase on sale again. The bugs were on the inside so not even sure that storing in a food safe bin is useful? Any advice?

    1. I usually will take pasta out of the box and put them in glass containers or plastic containers with well fitting seals. Also putting pasta in the freezer for a week will kill any bugs that might be in them.

    2. Weevils. They will go from box to box without showing any outside damage. And freezing wheat products helps stop it. I've had them in everything from cereal to flour before.

  35. *DH accepted a small bag of mandarin oranges.
    *We received as a gift a gift box of sausages with will be used in various dishes.
    *DH brought home a (rather expensive) for me to cook. After roasting it I boiled the bones and used the broth and meat to make dumplings.
    *I made risotto for my toddler out of left over rice and veggies and turkey broth from the Christmas turkey.
    *I finished a bottle of fabric softener and haven't opened the new one. I've done several loads of laundry and no one has complained, yet.
    *My toddler crawled into my bed last week and fell on my bashing my nose in. I was sure it was broken so I took advantage of an employee discount at the hospital and reduced my medical bills, after insurance, by 50%. I was happy as cosmetic procedures aren't covered. Luckily, my nose isn't broken even though the doctor was sure it was. He even sent me for a CT scan to confirm it and consulted with the radiologist.
    *I've either walked to work or taken the employer provided bus several times this week.

  36. Just when I didn't think I could learn anymore about saving money, you continue to surprise me!

    This week didn't go the best for being frugal, but some things happened!

    Thanks, Erica

  37. I know I wrote an entry yesterday but not sure where it went. Hard to write on the kindle, but daughter was letting my brother in law Pauli use her laptop. He has some games he can play on it. Our expenses may go up a bit this month...he does not like the dark so we need to plug in nightlights in all the rooms (he brings them with him). Also driving more for now until husband gets back in town, which should be Friday. Gas went up yesterday to 3.34/gal. Also will do more laundry. Plus had the trip to the airport though my mother chose to fly out of a closer airport rather than have me drive her to Milwaukee. Cost about 100.00 more for the roundtrip but saves me spending hours in the car for drop off and return and who knows what weather would be like.

    Didn't shop much as usual. Bought 2 gallons of milk for 5.00. 2lb bag of lentils for 1.59. 2 pound block of co-jack cheese for 6.99. 5 pounds of carrots for 1.98 (finished up my stored carrots from the summer). 3 cucumbers for 1.00. Asian food special because of New Year so 20% off and bought 10 cans each of water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and baby corn. Also 2 packs of egg roll wrappers and 2 bottles of soy sauce (tamari). The concentrated laundry detergent was 4.99 each so I bought 3 and then used a combo of store coupons and mfgr coupons and double coupons to get 9.00 off the 3. Bought 4 dozen farm eggs. I guess this was a bigger grocery week than normal, now that I spell it out.

    Made 7 half-pints of grape jelly from juice I froze this fall. Also made 7 pints of orange marmalade with the oranges and lemons bought 2 weeks ago. I have enough pectin and juice for another batch of grape jelly. Pauli helped in the kitchen...he contentedly scrubbed oranges for me and counted out jars and rings and lids.

    Mended all the button holes on a heavy weight flannel shirt I found at the thrift store. It was practically brand new but they were all shredding which is probably why someone discarded it. Will give it to husband for Valentine's Day.

    Watched some of the Super Bowl ads on HULU. Watched an episode of ELEMENTARY on the internet with daughter. Had the Olympics on Friday and Saturday while working. Read 2 cookbooks given to me, COOKING WITH YOGURT and COOKING WITH PETA (a vegan cookbook). Got some ideas from both of them. Sorted through boxes of fabric with oldest girl as she wants to start another quilt. When going through some papers found a packet of 20 stamps, Mary Cassat. I think they were .37 ones, have to double check and get the extra postage to use them. Addressed and sent out Valentines with a short letter to away relatives and friends...still using up handmade cards the girls used to make when they were younger, also handmade envelopes.

    We found an odd charge on our Visa bill a couple weeks ago. I called the Visa and they said they would look into it. They sent us a letter saying they ruled in our favor and we are not responsible. I have been checking the charges on the upcoming statement to see if there are more false charges, maybe that was just an initial testing. We are going to get new cards once husband returns from trip.

    Well I wish all of you suffering with the winter colds and flu a speedy, uneventful recovery.

    1. Remembered a few other items I cooked. I cooked up a couple squash and made crumb topped apple pie. Made banana mini chocolate chip mini muffins.

      Also at the thrift store found a polar bear hand puppet still in plastic wrapper and will give to youngest for Valentine's day. Got a pair of red socks for Pauli.

  38. Hope you are feeling better, and congratulations to your daughter for her archery trophy.

    I have been noting my frugal accomplishments in a notebook for a few months and feel it has helped me to stay on track. Plus, given me encouragement to keep trying when I think I didn't do too well during the week. So here are last week's frugal accomplishments.

    Turned the heat down to 68 at night. No one has complained so it must not be bothering anyone.

    My youngest had an upcoming tennis tournament on a day that was to be very cold. My hubby suggested I get him some long underwear. I checked in son's drawers and found he had a pair that fit!

    Received a coupon for a free sparkling water. This must be for a new product because I haven't found it in any of the stores yet.

    Made the following freezer meals--2 enchilada bakes, pancakes, and fried rice. These will help when we are crunched for time during the dinner hour or for quick meals. I still have a few more items I want to freeze.

    Used the laundry soap recipe from your site to make laundry soap and have been very pleased with it.

    Ate out 1 time this week and cooked all meals from scratch.

    Started filing our taxes online. Once hubby goes through them we can file them and then I can update middle son's financial aid application.

    Some of my seeds have sprouted and look very healthy! I have never started seeds indoors before so I am very excited for spring to arrive.

    Used $3.50 in coupons.

    Cleaned out linen closet and realized I have way more sheets than I need. So I will thinking about what to do with them.

    Bought a Valentine card for hubby at The Dollar Tree for .50.

  39. accepted a loaf od bread from my mother in law

    ate leftovers with my family...we brought some chicken and a gallon of .99 (clearance) milk

    downloaded free books to my kindle

    listened to Pandora for free

    price matched to save on gas

    taking a shower with less lights on

    not wearing makeup (time saver more than frugal as I already own the products)

    ate more meals at home this past week

    saved a couple more $5 bills

    did my own taxes

    entered kelloggs rewards...almost enough for a free movie (date I have another certificate I received free as well)

    staring a starsavings account at my local grocery store...trying to find out how it all works but I have $1.19 in my account and a can of beans in my cupboard.

    printed coupons (shared some with family members)

    purchased a couple candy bars for .33 each...will use for Valentine's Day

    purchased reams of paper in a box of three to save a couple of dollars

    mended my son's hat

    combined errands after work on Friday to be tired one day instead of making my Saturday longer.

  40. Went to the commissary and found several items on special deals. Picked up 20 cans of pure pumpkin for 39 cents a can, also got canned beans, chili, and some other items cheaper than the best sale price anywhere else. Finally tried a roll recipe using freshly ground wheat flour. It came out ok, still need some practice though. I am sure there is more, but it was a full week of school which has been rare this winter, this teacher was tired by the end of the week.

  41. Great job Winter! You must be so proud!
    This wk:
    -we have had soup for dinner 3 times for dinner and salad along side our meal.
    -washed my baggies.
    -washed clothes on cold. I dont normally cuz in my head, i feel it gets cleaner on warm. So this was huge.
    - my biggest savings came from calling my cell phone provider. I am now saving $90/ mo!
    -noticed the meat increased on base. Avg of $1-2. Hence the soups. Made me feel like Brandy. ;)

  42. Here's my week:

  43. I just had to stop in and post this wonderful find! I had a clothes drying rack in my cart at Amazon, priced at $21, which seemed the best price. I left it in my cart as I considered other items that I have really wanted or needed, so as to reach the $35 mark for free shipping. While out getting kitty litter today (which offers a rebate so it'll be free ultimately) at Shopko, I considered checking out the aisle where the hangers and garbage bins were but passed it by as I didn't think I'd need anything from there. I had a second thought and went back. I am so glad that I did! They had the exact rack as I have in my cart at Amazon for $10 on clearance! I snagged two as I do my family's laundry once or twice a week and end up with a lot to dry in one day.

  44. Saving money is my hobby, I am a bargain shopper, lol. Last fall we cut out cable TV and our local telephone service. My guy put up an antenna for $60 and we get 12 free over the air stations. We bought an Ooma Telo for $99 and pay $3.70 a month telephone bill for local and long distance calls included. We bought a Roku for $89 and added HuluPlus for $9 a month so the cost dropped from over $150 a month down to about $50 a month for TV, phone and internet. My coworker is paying over $250 a month for a "money saving" bundle from her cable company, yikes. We talked about how we cut back our bill saving over $1200 a year and two friends are making the same money saving changes. The lady with the "bundle" could not believe that she can save over $200 a month. This same lady had a coupon for a low cost haircut at a new salon, and the other lady said to beware of the difference between getting it chopped versus a trim, it may be cheaper but not worth it. I told her I was not game for the coupon as my guy cuts my hair at home. I am very happy with the service, price and results. One already knew that, but the other two were surprised and complimented the way my hair looks. One lady said, let's skip the coupon deal and just go to my house to get a haircut.
    In the mean time, I will be starting some seeds in planters inside my home within the next month to plant in my garden. I canned dozens of jars of pickles, tomato sauce and salsa for far less than grocery store prices.


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